Japan Karate Shoto Federation

We are proudly affiliated to the JKS with Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.  This allows our members numerous opportunities at every level.  All Black Belts are registered in Japan, and every grade is a legitimate qualification endorsed and certified by Japan.

English Karate Federation

We are also members of the EKF (English Karate Federation), the only English karate organisation recognised by the WKF (World Karate Federation) who are in turn the only world karate organisation recognised by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).


Date of birth: June 8, 1955
Place of birth: Osaka, Japan
Education: Teikyo University

Chief Instructor at Teikyo University

9th Dan and Shuseki Shihan, Chief Instructor at Japan Karate Shoto-Federation

Chairman of National Coach Committee and 8th Dan at Japan Karate Federation

Member of Board and Councillor at Kanto Area University Student Karate-Do Federation

Chairman of Technical Committee at World Karate Federation

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