Kelvin Rayner is the club’s chief instructor.

Graded under Hanshi Shiro Asano, Kelvin is a 5th Dan black belt and has been teaching traditional Shotokan karate for over 45 years.

Kelvin has represented England a number of times in international events including the 2004 European championships in Ukraine where he won a silver medal in kumite (fighting) and was part of the bronze medal-winning team.

He is one of the few karate practitioners to have been awarded the prestigious SKI-GB Wilkinson Sword of Honour for services to karate.

As a coach Kelvin has produced numerous national and European champions, a reflection of his commitment to encouraging his students to be the best they can.

Kelvin holds the Wolverhampton Sports Advisory Council’s award of merit and is also the club’s First Aider


Howard Taylor is the Squad Training Instructor.

Howard, a 4th Dan black belt, has been practising karate for more than 30 years and has trained with Kelvin from childhood.

He has been a member of the SKI, FEKO and JKS national teams and has competed all over the globe.

He has held numerous national kumite titles as well as a European Bronze kumite medal, and has been an international finalist on numerous occasions.

Howard is responsible for squad training, with emphasis on kumite skills, fitness and stamina.


Gary Ward is the club’s assistant instructor.

Gary, a 2nd Dan black belt, has been practising karate for more than 30 years, having started his career at the former Seamless Tube Club in 1988.

He graded Shodan three years later, and has taught regularly ever since.

Gary competed successfully in the 1980s and 90s, and passed Nidan in 2011.

He teaches regularly in the club’s weekly training rota and is particularly good at developing a rapport with the younger members and making them feel at ease.

Gary also looks after membership enquiries and social activities within the club.



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