Tamashii School of Shotokan Karate is affiliated to the JKS so all gradings follow the JKS syllabus and are held locally at Walsall School of Karate every three months. Students who train twice weekly may be eligible to grade every three months while those who train weekly may grade at six-monthly intervals.

For a student to be eligible to attempt a grade, they must have attended at least 24 lessons, shown good spirit and attitude and demonstrated suitable improvement.

what happens at a grading?

A one hour training session must be completed by all students, followed by a five minute break. Then students are called up in groups and by grade order and must complete the different elements as taught at the club, Kihon, Kumite and Kata. To see a description of what this entails click here

As students progress through their grades, the difficulty of each area becomes greater.

All students have an internationally registered licence and their grade will be recognised by any JKS instructor any where in the world.

Every student’s initial goal in karate is to attain their Black Belt! Achieving this level shows significant improvement, not only in the student’s karate ability, but also their spirit, fitness, and general well being. However, the rank of 1st Dan black belt should be viewed as the beginning of the mastery of karate. The techniques you will have learned to date can now be developed and improved in your quest to become a true martial artist.


All full time members must have a current JKS licence in order to train. This covers the member with a basic insurance and the legal right to practice karate.

Licences may be obtained and renewed online via the JKS website

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