The Tamashii Club has current and former students from all walks of life, many of whom have gone on to national and international success in various disciplines. Here are just a few of our testimonials from various members past and present.

As a professional sportsman as my full time work, I believe a lot of the discipline, focus and hard work ethic I have to have to do this job has come from my Shotokan karate days. This, along with some very strong legs, quick reflexes and a flexible body, has helped give me a great base for my profession today.

Some of the biggest achievements I had gained from the sport were slightly different though – confidence, discipline, awareness, maturity and respect being the biggest for me personally.

Tim Wilde, professional MMA fighter and former Tamashii student

This training made me into a hardworking, disciplined, respectful, committed, independent, successful and mentally strong individual, who knows that you have to work for everything in life.

I put karate aside to focus on my archery as I cannot do both, but the training I had not only gave me the mental preparation and life skills, but the overall body strength to be able to pull the high bow weight and to be coachable.

Philippa Taylor, GB Archery Champion and former Tamashii student

Excellent tuition by caring and experienced instructors who have made every effort to accommodate an unfit middle-age mom and two kids with special needs. We have been coming for several years now and are slowly progressing through the grades. We love our training sessions and look forward to karate every week!

The Stratfull family.

I was a very shy child but training under Kelvin Rayner’s instruction helped me to come out of my shell. I always remember feeling like I ‘belonged’, people were patient with me when I couldn’t do something and encouraged me to keep trying. I haven’t trained for a long while, but the sense that hard work leads to achievement (which came from working towards gradings) never left me as I worked through several degrees to gain the career I have now in Clinical Psychology.

Helen Frain, former Tamashii student

Kelvin was very patient with us as beginners and taught us many other life skills, not just karate. It was a safe place to learn and train and it was fun – we often did not even realise the value of what we had been taught until much later in life. It taught respect, discipline and confidence, both in yourself and others, all traits that I carry with me today. Kelvin always offered encouragement and made you believe that anything was possible with hard work, focus and commitment.

Mandy Ford (first female Tamashii blackbelt, in 1984)

Kelvin might seem to come across as strict sometimes, but he is a great sensei/ teacher and a great mentor, and for what he has shown me, and the time and effort he has put into me, I thank him and respect him.

Ade Swift

Old member of the club… a fantastic group of people! Very traditional Shotokan karate taught by great instructors! Many awesome memories with this club!

I would always recommend it to anyone in the Wolverhampton area who is looking for a more traditional approach to Shotokan Karate as a form of self defence. It did me the world of good and has a great family atmosphere. Oss!

Yasha Bushido Bobash

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